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Sari Rantanen


Sari is a freelance photographer from Finland. She loves nature and the beauty of the simple things. Her photography focuses on interior design.

Sari studied photography, first for two years in the USA and then two years in Finland. During her time in the USA, she began her first interior shootings. She ran a lifestyle blog for a Finnish magazine about a family living abroad. In 2001 she started photographing more seriously at a local college in Texas.

Sari mainly photographs interiors for Finnish interior design magazines and women's magazines. She usually photographs houses in natural light. She only uses artificial light to softly open the rooms with shadows. She appreciates the warm and inviting feeling of interior shots. This is the feeling she wants to convey with her pictures.

She draws inspiration from interior magazines - also from foreign countries - and follows various Instagram profiles.

Sari Rantanen
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